A Breakdown of SkyActiv Technologies

Beginning in 2011, Mazda’s SkyActiv Technologies have increased fuel efficiency and engine output in SkyActiv equipped Mazdas. In step with Mazda’s motto to make car and driver one, the engineers behind SkyActiv focused on every aspect of the vehicle intent on maximizing its driving dynamics and driving

efficiency. The results are impressive EPA-estimated MPG ratings without a compromise on Mazda’s dynamic driving performance and superior driver experience. You’ve probably noticed the SkyActiv brand attached to different technologies, and although they’re all part of the same family each SkyActiv technology does something a little different. Today let’s breakdown the different SkyActiv Technologies and review what each one means.

The SKYACTIV-G was the first mass-produced gasoline engine to achieve a compression ratio of 14.0:1. It’s a direct injection gasoline engine with the world’s highest compression ratio (14.0:1). It offers 15% better fuel economy and 15% more torque in the low- to mid-range — exactly where it is most useful in practical driving situations.

Mazda’s highly efficient clean diesel engine features the world’s lowest compression ratio of 14.0:1, which results in a 20% improvement in fuel economy. Plus, SKYACTIV-D is compliant with global emission standards, and thanks to the adoption of a two-stage turbocharger, it delivers a linear response when shifting from low to high speeds and a greatly improved low-end torque.

The highly efficient new-generation 6-speed automatic transmission combines the advantages of all types of transmissions — conventional automatic, dual clutch, and continuously variable transmissions — into a single package that offers drivers the direct feel of driving stick with the added benefit of better fuel economy. With SKYACTIV-DRIVE, drivers enjoy a powerful take-off as well as seamless, smooth shifting for maximum driving pleasure.

This 6-speed manual transmissions offers a quick, sporty feel and a light, crisp shift that accentuates the thrill of driving. Its compact, lightweight contributes to its improved fuel economy and agile, nimble feel.

Mazda’s highly efficient new-generation, lightweight chassis aims to replicate that feeling of “horse and rider as one” by providing a sense of unity between car and driver and a driving experience that gives peace of mind. A SKYACTIV-CHASSIS provides improved agility and drivability in the low- to mid-speed range and stability at high speed. Plus, it’s optimized mounting locations and finely tuned suspension result in an exhilarating drive and a high-quality ride feel.

Through technological improvements and innovative thinking, Mazda’s new-generation lightweight, high-rigidity body provides exceptional collision safety and driving pleasure. It achieves its lightweight, high-rigidity body by strengthening basic structures and implementing continuous framework. And, thanks to its multi-load path structure, it exhibits the highest levels of crash-worthiness by effectively absorbing and dispersing energy on impact.

If you have any questions about Mazda’s SkyActiv Technologies, just stop by our Dublin Mazda dealership and speak with one of our Dublin Mazda sales associates. We can review in greater detail the different SkyActive engine types and technologies, and help you get behind the wheel of a new Mazda that’s right for you.