The Features of Mazda Service

As a Mazda Full Circle Service center, Dublin Mazda’s service department provides Mazda drivers in the East Bay Area and beyond with top-notch service performed by factory trained and certified technicians using Genuine Mazda Parts. 

Now, that’s a hefty sentence. Let’s break it down. 

Today let’s review the different features of Mazda Service and the vehicle coverage options that are available to you.

What is Mazda Full Circle Service?

Mazda Full Circle Service is a comprehensive service program that gives Mazda drivers peace of mind and their vehicles added value. 

Dublin Mazda is a Mazda Full Circle Service dealership and that means, as a Mazda-owner, not only will you receive top-notch service at Dublin Mazda, you will also receive complimentary service inspections and detailed report cards. Report cards include insight into any component on your Mazda that may require immediate service or future work.

What is the Mazda Warranty?

All new Mazda vehicles include a limited warranty that provides coverage incase a repair is needed in the first years of ownership. Specific warranty details are included in each vehicle’s warranty information booklet. If you’ve misplaced your warranty booklet, no worries. Give Dublin Mazda a call and we can look it up for you.

What is Mazda Extended Confidence?

Mazda Extended Confidence provides coverage after your New Vehicle Limited Warranty expires, and it picks up right where your New Vehicle Limited Warranty left off. 

Mazda Extended Confidence covers all the same parts and components of your New Vehicle Limited Warranty, and it is accepted nationwide and uses only Genuine Mazda Parts.

What is included in Mazda’s pre-paid maintenance plans?

In short, savings. Not only will you receive expert service on your Mazda, when you purchase a Mazda pre-paid maintenance plan you will also save up to 25% on service over the total of your Mazda. There are a variety of pre-pain maintenance plans to choose and they come available with a variety of different term agreements. Plus, pre-paid maintenance plans are available for new, certified pre-owned, and leased vehicles.

For more information on the specifics of each pre-paid maintenance plan, call our Dublin Mazda dealership and speak with a member of our team. We can break down the different elements in each plan to help you decide which plan best suits your vehicle’s needs and supports your driving habits. 

How often should you schedule service?

This depends on your vehicle. Information on when to service your Mazda can be found in your owners manual. You can also call our Service Department and we can look up your vehicle’s recommended service interval, as well as schedule a service appointment for you.

For more information on Mazda’s service plans and how to make the most out of your service agreement, call our Dublin Mazda dealership. We can walk you through the basics of each plan as well as detail all the complimentary services that come from just being a Mazda owner.