The Nappa Leather Difference

There’s leather and then there’s Nappa leather just like there’s a car and then there’s a Mazda, and understanding the difference makes all the difference in the world. When you are behind the wheel of a Mazda you are behind the wheel of a vehicle specifically designed to maximize the driving experience.

Refining and perfecting the relationship between car and driver has everything to do with Mazda’s Kodo design principle. Inspired by the Japanese term Jinba Ittai, the harmony between horse and rider, Mazda aims to perfect the driving experience by leaving no facet unexplored and no detail unperfected. Here’s where Nappa leather comes in.

Nappa leather is softer, smoother and more supple than other leather, which creates a warmer more comfortable experience. The difference has to do with the methods used to tan the hides. Nappa leather is tanned with chromium or aluminum sulfate, two salts known for producing soft and durable hides. Additionally, Nappa leather is dyed with water-soluble colorants, which makes it less susceptible to fading, meaning it’ll last longer than other leathers and also be easier to clean. In short, Nappa leather is a higher grade of full-grained leather with a more durable finish making it softer and stronger than other materials.

The Nappa leather difference is the Mazda difference, it is the difference between just being comfortable and experiencing driving freedom. Available in the Mazda6, Nappa leather deepens the connection between car and driver by amplifying the driving experience with the softest seating available. By surrounding passengers in the most refined materials Mazda elevates the feeling of being a driver and being a passenger.  If you want a luxury feel, then choose a vehicle with Nappa leather. But if you want a luxury feel without a luxury price tag, choose a Mazda with a Nappa leather interior. 

For more information about Nappa leather and its availability in Mazda models, stop by our Dublin Mazda dealership. Our Dublin Mazda sales team will set you up with a test drive in a Mazda with Nappa leather so you can experience the difference.